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Top 10 most popular car colours – Automotive Blog

Volkswagen ID.3

Grey is the UK’s favourite new car colour for fourth consecutive year, followed by black and white, to complete the monochrome set.

According to new figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), grey accounted for 24.8% (up 2.8%) of new car registrations in 2021 – a total of 408,155 cars.

Black, the most popular car paint in Britain from 2009 to 2012, wrapped 20.5% of passenger cars, while white was in third place (17.2%), meaning UK drivers were most likely to choose a monochrome car for the 11th year running.

White was the most popular shade for mini-sized and sports cars, while larger dual purpose, luxury saloons and executive cars were, as usual, most likely to be black.

At the niche end of the colour palette, gold, yellow and turquoise were the fastest growing colours, with gold more than tripling its appeal (up 231.8%), yellow up by a third (31.3%) and turquoise up by a fifth (19.2%), although together they accounted for less than one percent of the market (0.9%).

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